Our 59 Club O.C. Section Meet up- is at HEROES in FULLERTON on Wednesday

Hero’s Bar and Grill will be our  ” Mid Week Meet Up” and Boy what a Super establishment this is, as there is so much to look at, it really is the perfect place to hang out, enjoy friendly company, have some great food and enjoy the whole atmosphere of this Well known watering hole located in the Middle of Fullerton.

Heroes Bar & Grill

125 W Santa Fe Ave, Fullerton, CA    (714) 738-4356

Wednesday, April 15, 2015




This is an awesome place to have a meet up with plenty of wall candy to check out, there food is really great, fresh and fills you, I have been a couple of times and really enjoyed the atmosphere, the food, the music and the Beverages too.


Just pull up and Park and then sit ya Arse down, enjoy Base Ball peanuts and order from the great menu that they offer here.

More beers and Spirits than even our Buddy Andre can drink and a service with a smile, now thats a rare sight these days for sure.

If you like a fun and happy place, then this is perfect for hanging out, grabbing some food and just chilling with friends or family.


So much to take in and I think this will be a great meet up and sample some of the cool delights that Heroes has to offer.

I like to Support local Businesses too and this is a place that needs to always be on the map and has my Vote for sure.

So, see you tomorrow for a beer and some good old fashioned Nosh up food, how can you Not like this place?

Try and park in the alley in back and we’ll get tables in the outdoor seating area.

Drink & Ride responsibly!


See you there!!!!



Steve Carpenter

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