Adding Bags to the Old 750 SS Honda in the Garage

Been a while, but I thought I would fir some Bags I have had for a long time, onto the 750 Super Sport, as to be quite frank, I never fecking see them and, I had these on many bikes as I was a Disatch Rider, Ie Courier, and the more that I could carry on my bike, the more money that I would earn, as i rode all over the UK and parts of Europe and having unboltable saddle bags were a blessing indeed.

So, I have had these for a while, I did for some to Jenn’s bike and she has had them at least 5 years and uses them all the time, these will take a while to get to fit right and this is my 3rd set of brackets, still not there but its all trial and error and eventually I will get to the stage where I am happy and can tear the brackets down one last time, cut and weld and paint then refit.

Its good to be able to simply bolt these on and go, sometimes you need to carry stuff and these will be just the ticket when I have them completed, I am a long way off as they need to come in about an inch and half tighter but, Rome was not built in a day and these will not be either.

The trick is to make them look factory fit, then also once they are completed how I want them, they will painted to the same color as the rest of the body work and the uniformity will probably make these bags almost disappear once I have the livery that I am happy with.

Right now I think this bike will be a Dark Navy Blue with white Racing stripes and some logo, but thats a while away and also I need to fab a lower bracket to support the bottom of the bag and give it some rigidity as well as allowing for the shocks to still function smoothly with no binding etc.


Shame there wasn’t some off the shelf brackets available like Triumph have but I think Once I am completed and happy at the way they fit and function, I may make a few sets and off for sale on this website.

So,for now I have got this far, some will like these on the bike, and others will not.  What I like about this particular set up is, well, you can simply unbolt these and leave the bike in its naked form, but, if you need to go to lets say the Chrome shop to pick some parts up, just bolt these bags to the rear shock mounts and you are ready to go, no need for a bulky back pack etc.  I may add some LED turn signals into the back of these and a brake light to make more functional and keep me from being bumped off in rush hour.






Steve Carpenter

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