Motorcycle ‘s built in your garage are still as popular as ever

Well, time seems to fly as of late, been doing a few things and it has been hard to try and blog anything these days, the clock just seems to tick away so many times faster than before, but I thought I might at least start one today and tell you about the old Super Sport I am putting together.

I have had some Hard Bags in my storage for some time, I last fitted some to Jennifer’s Triumph some 5 years ago and they are still holding up well, and as I had this old 500 pounder to play with, I thought I would use these bags and make a Little Dispatch style bike that I had back in the UK as I was a Motorcycle Messenger. Sure i love the cafe bikes, been parts of my life for so long, but- when you need to take a bunch of stuff with you on a journey, what do you do?

So I am making up some brackets to fit to the bike so that I can tale stuff with me, ie to the chrome shop, or powder coaters etc and these bags will undo with a coupe of bolts and the bike is naked again.  love it or hate it, these are part of my life back in the UK and though that I would build a bike that I can blap around on and make it look a little different to the many I see out there these days.

I think that once the Bodywork is all one cohesive color, then these bags may not even be noticed to be honest and am excited to do something that I used to when I lived in Great Britain, you dont see many bikes like this with bags on but its common place if you were a courier and I am going to give it a go, still a long way to go as yet but it is taking shape. So follow me on this little build and we shall see where it takes me.

I grew up with these bikes and even with bags on, you would belt around London, Birmingham or where ever, to get where you needed as fast as possible, it was such a fun yet dangerous job back then and loved every minute of it.









Steve Carpenter

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