My other bike, the Triumph Scrambler

I have always been into dirt bikes as I call them, from when i was a teenager and before I guess, My brother and I used to drool over the pages of MotorCycle News or Dirt bike magazine, we came from a humble home where there was never any extra money, so we made the best with what we could find, and even though we found old buckets of snot, we would get them running and keep up with the rich kids on their machines.

I used to love my T100 Daytona in North London, that thing was faster than a 750 and I rode the snot out of that bike.

I will always have some sort of two wheeled motorcycle, no matter what age I am lucky enough to live too and today i cleaned up my triumph Scrambler, this 2016 900 air cooled Triumph is my daily and, I use it every day with no issues, I make sure that it always had Gas, check the tire pressures and make sure I have enough oil in this puppy and she fires up every time with no worries.


I love ALL motorcycles, be it Cafe Racer, Brat bike, Custom, Drag, MotoX, Speedway, Flat track or even trials, I love all them styles and if I was a rich guy, I would have every bike I always wanted to own, from Steve McQueen’s Triumph, to Barry Sheene’s Heron Suzuki trans Atlantic machine, but I’m not rich and can always dream.

But- I always have fun on what ever machine that I am riding and hope that some of you share the same smile that I get when I sling my leg over a Motorcycle.

Jennifer and I have a Triumph each, she has a T100 Bonneville and we go and explore places like the Grand Canyon, or the Sedona mountains to the petrified Forrest of Arizona, always time to check out the great sights that the USA has for us and there are so many places for us to go visit, we would need 5 lifetimes, but- its fun trying.

Have fun with your machine as much as you can, there is always somewhere to ride, even in the rain and wind.

Jennifer and I love riding together, her Bonneville is as fast as mine, she also experienced crazy 70 mph cross winds for the first time but Boy! What an adventure we had.





Steve Carpenter

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