Doing some electrical on a K5 CB750 Honda Four in the Garage today

Well, Project Wire harness is the goal this weekend, I have a customer and friends, 1975 CB750K model Honda four in the Garage and it apparently wafted out a bunch of smoke under the seat, so it was bought here on the back of a truck and here it is at my place where I need to take a look at whats going on with this old 500 pounder.

I need to see what has happened the the wire harness and switches as these do look like they have been on there since it was created in late 1974. Just a few vids I did today with my phone, sorry for the quality.

Below, just look at how dry rotted the connectors are for the wiring, this old bugger has got to be all taken out and replaced im afraid and new switches as well.


Bit more video

I wanted to try and at least record what was going on today and I went on facebook and did a few video’s etc, may not be very clear but you get the idea I think?



Steve Carpenter

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