Art, sketching and an easy way to learn?

Well, there is a title that’s hard to explain in one sentence.

But I am going to try and add some stuff on here that I personally find really interesting and yes, I draw from time to time, mostly the low brow art, which has everything to do from Sailor Jerry style tattoo flash to cool Hot Rod style art.

First off, I am going to add some speeded up art that some amazing people have done and I am sure you are amazed at some of their styles, I am a pen to paper sort of guy and would have no clue how to generate this style of art but art is art and I love the outcome and it still is their own style.
So have a look and you decide.

A cool Hot Rod related speed sketch here for you to watch.

I love doing ‘Lowbrow ” art and thought that some of this may be of interest to you lot?

One of California’s coolest Low brow artist and avid Hot Rodder is Robert Williams.

Robt. Williams is one of the most popular artists in America today.
His dynamic work — which often includes women, cars, food, and 1950’s Americana –embodies the movement known as Kustom Kar Kulture.

Robt. masters the so-called “lowbrow” art-forms: rock album cover art, comic art, hot-rod art, etc.

*note: Robt. Williams created the cover art for Guns n’ Roses: Appetite for destruction in 1987.

In mid 1960s San Francisco, Robt. became art director for hot-rod hero Ed “Big Daddy” Roth. Robt. quickly became one of the most important West Coast underground artists – creating psychedelic posters and contributing to comics like Zap.

Robt. Williams is one of the most sought-after artists of the 90s and is considered the founding father of Cartoon Surrealism.

*note: Nicolas Cage, Leonardo diCaprio, Johnny Depp, Jesse James & many other celebrities have purchased Robt. Williams’ paintings.



A very cool buddy of mine is the Infamous Von Franco.



Steve Carpenter