Awaiting Hurricane Hilary

Well, here we are, I am sat in the office, gazing out of the window at the rain that started to to fall a few hours ago, we are used to having pretty much, 340 days a year of sunshine but to be honest almost year round riding weather in Southern California, so to see some H2O coming down is quite refreshing.  But – We are expecting Hurricane Hilary to be arriving this afternoon, something SoCal has not witnessed in 86 years and, to be honest I don’t think it will be anything like a hurricane, more like a windy day in Seattle I think.

Plenty to do in the workshop as well and need to pull my finger out a little as its starting to fill up faster than Noah’s Ark, but its all good and will get to them, I need to sort a few bikes out, I may let the Katana go cheaply as I just dont have time to work on it, been sat inside for many years and I am sure someone will want that machine for $500, as its a great platform to have fun with, but as yo see, I have many projects to get sorted and the weather will cool off in a month or so and give me to me to see what I can concentrate on here.

I will be building some of the CB750’s to sell, but will of course, show the machines on my website for you lot to have a look through and see if there is anything that may float your boat etc, but I still am making parts for bikes and always continue to manufacture new stuff to get your bike back up on the tarmac.

Just thought I would write a quick blog and show you what I am up to and hope that where you are is warm enough to get out into the Barn, shed, garage etc and start wrenching.





Steve Carpenter

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