Summer time at the workshop

Well, the Californian Summer hung off for a while, but now it is in full swing and boy is it getting hard to work in stifling heat and humidity is up the ying yang right now, feels like I am in Florida to be honest, but the show must go on, I have so much to do but right now I am waiting on some help with my Barn doors to be hung, they are big heavy wooden sliding doors.  But once they are up I can start to organise a little bit more, it is lucky we have a large property as I can store old projects all over the place but need to get it all under one roof soon and be more happier when that does come to fruition.

Like many of you, we are always wrenching on things, for me I have New parts to make or to become a dealer for and of course, I have Motorcycles to build and projects to finish, but as the saying goes, ‘Rome was not built in a day”.

It seems I have spent so many years on my knees but to be honest, I feel comfortable that way, even if the bikes on a lift, I guess it goes back to grass roots or what you grew up with, we had nothing as a kid and made the most of what we had, if we were given something we would cherish it and improve on it, but I still have so much passion in creativity with parts and creations and hope that I never lose that flame for design and ingenuity etc.

I love all sorts of Vintage and classic stuff, from obviously Motorcycles, music, fashion and of course cars or trucks, my recently purchased F250 has been fun but I have to also wrench on that and have changed stuff so far to improve the ride and running, with more to do as this is my parts hauler.

I was at the ceramic Coaters and decided to take the back roads to my place as the traffic was busy and it was 100 degree’s, the old F250 has been great so far as it has not got hot, but the 390 seems to be having carb issues, it has the stock Autolite 2 barrel and to be honest even though jets changed, power valve changed, float level set and cleaned many times, it just will not start after a few minutes, so things will be changing next week to sort that issue out.  But had to pull over and take a pic of this cool vintage sign I saw on the side of the road.

I love Southern California for old shops and signs and seem to see something different every time I go out to be honest and thought that i would share with you as I love Vintage signs too.

My Birthday coming up Thursday and I will not be working that day and enjoy time with my girl Jennifer, we do so much together and the good thing is she likes pretty much the same stuff I do, so we really get each other, she rides to and that makes a huge difference and she understands the trials and tribulations of running a Motorcycle and Automotive business.

Just wanted to say howdy to you all out there and thanks for supporting me in what I make and sell, I love you all.


Keep your eye on the website for more parts and bikes soon, just got back from the Post office, sent exhausts to Hawaii, Puerto Rico , New Zealand and Brazil today.



Steve Carpenter

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