Honda CL77 unloaded and now in workshop.

I managed to get the old girl off the Truck and Now its at My workshop and will be a while before I get into it as I have a few projects I must try and sort out, its getting to be a bit of a cluster as I have a lot of bikes at the moment and will try and get through them when the weather cools off a little . right now its a scorcher but I shall get there.

I shall put the motor in at some point and will add other pieces when I take them out of the boxes that I picked up, no idea what’s there in its entirety but will plug away and see what we have, should look pretty cool though as it has great lines that flow very well for 1967.

Will look out for a few parts like foot peg rubber and wire harness etc but for now I shall put boxes on the shelves and the bike is in the Barn now with many others keeping it company.

Some of you may be interested in this build?  It really is something you wont really see around and is a great conversation piece for the enthusiast out there, but I will plug away when I get some time as it looks like it will be fun.

I will of course post anything that I do as many people ask what I am up to at the workshop and I thank you all for the emails and phone calls etc as well as texts about the parts and the bikes I am working on.



Steve Carpenter

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