New beginnings for 2022, Looking forward to it.

The New Year is here, still a crazy world out there and I am not taking any risks to get ill again, I got all my shots, I then caught Covid and then at Christmas got a cold almost as bad as the New Omicron, what a shit start to the year for sure, but- I have got the cold just about beat, still coughing like a badly tuned motor, but I am on the road once more.

For over 20 years I have rented a building for what I do, we all throw away good money on rent and the Landlord is the only person that makes anything out of that, but- this year is all different, about 7 months ago we put in plans for a barn to be built on the 1 acre we have here in La Habra heights. We had to jump through the many hoops and have many inspections, but at last we are now making some great progress.

Once the Concrete slab was laid and left to cure for a whole month, we started to get the Barn ready to go together on Wednesday, the sun was out and the rain storm we had for a week before had gone, this is a really excited time for Carpys Garage and wanted to share some of the build with you.

A great Company that makes steel Barns for many years was the choice that we went for, robust and affordable, a steel skeleton is constructed and bolted with high grade bolts to the Concrete floor, this is a sturdy set up and am glad that we went this route.

I have no idea how I am going to decorate as yet, that all takes time and of course money, but the main thing is to get the workshop put together and then see what I can do to make it my own and have fun creating what I do from the comfort of home. And not a drive to work either.


This will indeed be the perfect place for inspiration and dont have to worry about parking, or the street sweeper etc or the Land lord coming by to increase their rent, this is a bitchin set up and super stoked to be doing this.

It is the perfect size for me and although will take a little time to dial in, it will be such a relief to jump out of bed and stroll up the yard to the Barn and begin to make parts or create builds to offer the Customers all over the globe.

I wanted a Red Old style Color Barn as the area we are in has many Ranches etc. And we thought this color will fit right in, hope to find an old Cart Wheel later to add to the side and of course old industrial Lights to mount outside, along with a Cow or Bull skull with Horns.

Lots t do but making great headway and will be a fun project as we go along, some might not understand the importance of your own workshop, but those who do, will really get how stoked I am to be in this situation.


Eventually I shall decide on a cool Barn door, as I don’t want just a regular roll up, they are noisy too, so I am looking into a few styles with Jennifer to see what would look good on the front.

It is also a nice wide opening, so I can get my bikes and Hot Rod in there with no issues, the run off is super good if we do get any more of the wet stuff.

Just wanted to share the news with all you lot, I know that a lot of you will be stoked for me and I look forward to making brand new parts here from the countryside of ideas.

Its Bulldog approved now and she will enjoy hanging out again in the garage as she was in many of my shops and loved hanging around in the workshop all day.

So, thanks for reading my little Blog and I will show more of when I have got other stuff finished in the Barn, but good things are happening and many thanks for sticking by me.


Thought I would show the New Little CB350RS HONDA that’s out and about, very Nostalgic looking, what do you think?



Steve Carpenter

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