Building your own machine is a fun past time

Over 21 years I have been here and now I look back and think how far the Motorcycle scene and Community has come along in regards to self builds or designs.

It is so refreshing to see creative minds out there who have thought about creating their own machine from something that probably wasn’t even running a few months back, and now they are tearing down the tarmac with a huge smile on their faces.

I love seeing other people Motorcycles and this is a Big family in the 2 wheeled world and we all have something in common when we see a machine and look closer and what the Motorcycle comprises off to make it such a stand out bike.

Honda GB250cc Cafe Brat by Sabbath Bob Custom

Sometimes, just a little Brat-Cafe style Machine catches your eye, and this little Buzz bomb is an eye catcher for sure, and of course, you do not see too many GB250’s over here, in Europe there were many more available as I should know, when you were 17 years old, you could ride up to a 250cc Motorcycle on a Provisional License. So, many 250 contraptions were made by many big names and its always fun to see old Iron that has been resurrected and now is a fun motorcycle to enjoy on the local tarmac.


How much fun is this?  Mostly built by Honda in Japan, Europe did see quite a few of these, but alas I haven’t seen any in the USA, its a shame, as the Platform is ideal for a Brat-Cafe style Custom machine and this particular build was created by  a Nonthaburi (Thailand) based “Sabbath Bob Custom” workshop. Its a head turning little Tarmac eating 250cc bike and I love the styling.

The Knobby Trail tires set this off from the bog standard road bike and by simply dropping the trees down and pulling the upper fork tubes up a few inches, well, it throws that from end down- Giving it a more aggressive stance, also removing the stock gauges leaves the top end uncluttered.  As well as taking off the higher factory handlebars and going for a set of Clip on’s that are fitted below the upper tree, will give you that cool back aching ride that reminisces the days of old school racers.

Using a 4inch headlight with a Foglamp lens, really makes the 250 look like a 400 cc Motorcycle and everything becomes tucked in and tight, which works very well on many machines in this style.

This is a fun bike, not show Quality and what I like about that is they are not bothered where they ride it, on smooth tarmac or in the woods and tire choice is key on any machine, sometimes you have to forgo comfort for styling and this works very well on this GB250 bike and love the choice that the Thailand based company went with.

So with a little amount of money and plenty of ingenuity, you can create something cool out of almost anything, I love this Bar Hopper and wanted to share it with you. There may be something similar in your garage. Just doing them few things, changing out the gas tank from a larger bike, does completely change the look of the bike from its stock guise and with a bigger tank, you can get further too.

Keep your eyes out as I have seen a few 250’s made into cool Custom rides. Enjoy your Weekend everybody and send in any pics of your rides to:



Steve Carpenter

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