4 into 1 exhaust systems for CB750 and CB550 still selling strong

Well Howdy Everyone

Hard to believe that almost 22 years ago I started making parts available for these and other machines and continue to do so today, I try and help everybody out where I can, and I really do enjoy what I do for a living.

None of these parts are made in China and I make all the Prototypes right here in California, with more parts I am designing right now for our machines and a few more brands too is in the works, but right now I am getting ready to build a Brand New Barn/Workshop and all the plans have been approved by the city , so not long until I can work from home once more.  I think you get more attentive to the detail and of course, can save any frustrations about driving to and from work.

Below is a shot of a 4 into 1 Ceramic Coated Exhaust system that I have sent to a Customer back home in the UK, and the system looks awesome on his 750-4 Honda.

Peter Hch Harrison In the UK has one of my 4 into 1 exhaust systems on his 750-four Honda.

I really enjoy what I do and thank you for sticking with me and not using Chinese Parts.



Steve Carpenter

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