Meeting a Customer whilst in Hawaii

Jenn and I are so lucky to be able to travel the Globe, obviously the Pandemic put a stop to everything for over a year but, we were so lucky to be able to take a well earned trip to Hawaii, it is such a relaxing set of Islands and something we both needed after the stressful year. So, off for 10 days of destressing and just got back yesterday morning.

Whilst out there I met up with a Customer of mine who is a Firefighter out in Maui, totally cool guy and he had an old CB750 that he had built himself at the Fire Station and rides it all the time.

He used all parts he had laying around and some parts from me, its hoot to ride and so glad that we had time to have a chat here in Maui.

But Nice to be home and have many ideas for more parts for your Motorcycles and just the break we needed in these crazy times.

Now to get back to work and try and design all sorts of cool stuff, thank you lot always for thinking of me for parts and even advice.



Steve Carpenter

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