Getting back on Track.

It’s a Sunday and finally getting back on track, health wise, a little Lethargic in the afternoon but getting stronger each day that passes and today being already in the high 90’s, I have some exhausts to grind clean and get ready to send off to get Cerakoted for Customers.

Been out in the workshop getting stuff sorted, then, as I was smoothing some welds, the air grinder decided to take a crap on me.  but- after 15 years of using it, I think I got my value for money on that tool, and had a back up just in case, not as good but it got me out of a pickle. But I need to get the orders out as Jennifer and I shall be heading to Hawaii in September for a Break, we have booked a house on a private Beach and will enjoy some Peace and Serenity for 10 days.  But will be visiting shops and garages etc to check out the Island Cafe Scene.

LS Varela (Kapolei, Hawaii) riding his Bonnie in the land of the morning calm.

LS Varela (Kapolei, Hawaii) riding his Bonnie in the land of the morning calm.

Not sure what we may encounter but the rest will be the main thing and re light my fire for designing New Parts and maybe building a New Creation or two when I get back to the States.

Jennifer is Hawaiian and I love going to see this part of the world, I shall be meeting a few people out there, checking Motorcycle and Hot Rod shops out, as well as great places to eat and try local cuisines etc.







Steve Carpenter

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