Covid Attacks Jennifer and Me

Well, I have been ultra careful and not touching door handles, wearing a glove to pump gas and use any ATM machine and in the end, Covid Got Jennifer and of course I caught it from Jenn.

We have both been vaccinated and we had it on Both our Birthdays, What a fecker of a Virus.  We quarantined and got the all clear about 11 days later but to be honest at some point I thought I had ridden for the last time and now it was the end of the road.  I think having the Pfizer Double shot for me, saved my life to be honest, I was struggling quite badly for a few days and if I had not had them Jabs, I think I would be Ten Toes Up.


So, back on the road and finally after a few weeks of just Lethargicness , I am finally able to work a full day and got last week out of the way and not gasping for breath.  So, Be careful out there everybody this thing is a bloody Killer.

Many people have been home working on their projects, I have been sending orders out this week and will get back into full steam ahead next week, and I thank you ALL for your orders, emails and texts of Concern over Jennifer and Me, it was greatly received and sure helped us feel better when we read them.

Later on in the year I shall be offering New Exhaust systems and may try to make some for the Later Honda’s too, I am looking at other avenues of parts and with any luck maybe even a pod cast or two, fingers crossed.

Stay Safe everyone and thank you again for all your great messages.





Steve Carpenter

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