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Well, for many years I have been rebuilding carbs on the SOHC 750 Honda, as well as the smaller 500 and 550 models, and I am still getting these sent to me to get the old crap and grime off of them and totally get then revamped to a Clean and smooth running set.

Many people have a go at sorting their rack of 4 out and get it to run, albeit out of sync etc but the people that do have a go, really know what is entailed in taking these carbs apart.

You need a lot of patience and plastic sandwich bags, to take these all apart and inspect where the blockages may be, as the journals are quite small , and even though you have cleaned the main jet and idle jet, you might of forgotten about the internal journals in the bodies.

Most of the ones I receive still stink of old gas and when you take them apart, the gooey remains of old fuel give that lovely aroma of bad petrol and that sticks to you for days, no matter what you use as hand soap to get it off of yourself.

The trick to these, if you want to call it a trick, is to strip apart, and then vapor blast these so everything is super clean, then air line it, then once that is done, ultrasonic clean them and slowly put back together, but, I like to have the parts zinc plates and the aluminum bodies powder coated, then the bowls and tops highly polished.

Above is a set of CB550 carbs that have seen better days and they run but very badly, these need to be taken apart and put back together only once they are cleaned and polished and these will look so different when they come back to you.

As you can see, its a huge change and of course for the better, the other thing is that these have all new jets and needles as well as gaskets etc, just take your time and have a look at what you get for your money, a lot of work and time spent on these.

Every thing gets taken apart, many do not and that will show up if everything else is spotless, but these are rebuilt and then bench synchronized and after that, they are run on a motor and synchronized with a mercury stick for smoother running.

Take a look at the photos I took, you can see what a difference this is, not just a can or carb cleaner and a quick wipe down, these are fully refurbished and ready to go on your inline four.

You can see the Detail here and notice New gaskets as well as hardware, the carb bodies look way better now they are coated and you have a choice of Silver stock or Black too.

Send me yours or I can sell you a set already built etc, the choice is yours to be honest, you can also have the piece of mind that these will run on your motorcycle, right out of the box and let you get on with other things, just remember to tell me what exhaust and air filter you are running to allow for jet adjustment for tuning.

You can choose a stock style, with polished bowls and top rings like the ones you see right here for the CB750K model Honda Four.

Or a wrinkle Black and polished set up thats a lovely combination for Custom builders, I like them all to be honest and I am sure that you will be stoked with these.

Send me your dirty snotty old carbs for a full tune up and a brand new lease of life, your Honda will thank you for it and no more of that choke throttle choke throttle hassle.

These will get all pulled apart and then be cleaner than a cats arse, I have rebuilt quite a few hundred of these in the 19 years and plan to continue to do this for another 20 years or so, thanks for looking and hope I can help you out.

You can call or text on 714-598-8392 for more information.




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