A Cycle One Chopper gets New Life Again at the Shop

Over the years I have had quite a Few Choppers in the shop, some mine, many customers, from Denver frames to Arlen Ness and no two are alike, they have their own design and character, that’s what I like about them.

I had an older Gentleman call me a few times about issues with his machine and if I could help out over the phone, we chatted for a bit and then a few times after that, he then asked if it was possible to send me his bike from Arizona, so I could get to grips with it and sort it out.

So about a week later it turns up at my door, an awesome Cycle One frame Chopper with a Paughco front end, this was a sweet ride that was built quite a few years ago and he needed a few things sorting out, the carbs were bad and had to be totally overhauled and then tuned for his altitude etc.

This is one fine old girl and it was fun bringing her back to life, the bike will be heading back to Arizona next week but wanted to share a few pics before she leaves my shop.

It sits really well and love the aggressive rake on the front end hand made exhaust sound quite mean and growl as soon as you open the throttle.

A Nice Custom Chopper with an 836 motor to help it get along the tarmac all day long and is a well balanced machine for its length as must be 9 feet long almost.

Forward controls are comfortable and I could ride this anywhere to be honest, big 5.5 gallon tank and a super comfortable seat makes for fun cruisin.

Thanks for checking these out, thought you would like to see something a little different from me and it was a fun bike to get my hands on that’s for sure, runs great now.



Steve Carpenter

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