Diamond in the Rough, Or is that the other way round?

Well, you hear me rant and rave about the old “Snotters” that are stored away in places from the 1970’s and every now and again they turn up.



Well, here is a prime example of something from Snottsville.



This bike was pulled out of storage and has been sat “untouched”  Bit like me….  For many many moons.



This is a prime example of what was about for the home garage builder on a budget and to be honest, a cool piece of history, in fact this took best of show when it got entered, as it is un molested from that era, I was sent this by a buddy of mine, and I had to blog this as I am sure some of you lot out there, can relate to this look back in the day.

Check this little Honda that got the ” Chopper” bug back in the day, it is so funny to look at now, but- back in the day, this kid was as proud as punch to be cruising the tarmac to show off his ” Wheazy Rider ”

Over the last decade, I have seen many old style Choppers and it always makes me smile, you had to be quite the rider too as many of these were almost impossible to ride in traffic.




Steve Carpenter