Exhaust systems for CB750 CB550 and CB500 Models

Need a great sounding 4 into 1 exhaust system for your inline four? Something not only affordable, but made right here in California, not in some sweat shop in China.

Back in 2000 I began with the first to offer 4 into 1 Performance 4 into 1 systems, nobody was offering them and I wanted to have that sound of yesteryear when people Street Raced and Drag raced, to show who’s inline four was the best sounding and fastest. That crackle of the system was synonymous with all the 70’s Japanese Motorcycles that had landed over here and people wanted to hop these engines up. Here is my First one that I offered almost 2 decades ago and I am still going strong today.

Since then I have sold well over 1000 units of just the 750 alone and close to 900 on the 550 and 500 systems, a goal that I am very proud of reaching and of course surpassing too.

Made right here, these 4 into 1 systems are made from steel and have the option of a Raw material for that old Race Track style, or you can choose a few different color options and get your system Cerakoted with Ceramic paint and stand out from the rest.

So if you want Raw steel or Coated, I am the man for your inline Fours requirements, as this is not Just a job, its a lifestyle for me, above is a Bronze color ceramic Coating 4 into 1 that a Customer ordered and boy does it look great.

Let me know your requirements and I will see if I can help you get that machine back out on the tarmac and have fun hitting the corners on weekends etc.

I love to help you get your machine running and of course sounding great and this is a super way to go and easy to bolt on and go.

We ship all the time and to all over the globe with customers in Finland, Russia, France, Spain, and even have sent systems to Cuba!  Your one stop shop, with more parts coming all the time.

Give me a shout if you need something for your ride, be it a 750, a 550 or a 500, I love to help and that what it is all about.

These make great gifts too and you know they will be stoked when they unwrap their new Performance system for their Honda four Motorcycle.

Thanks for reading my Blog today and hope that you can have fun with your motorcycle this weekend. If I can help, you can call or even text me.



Steve Carpenter

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