A day of filming for TV with Larry, Jay Leno etc was a Blast

Hey Everyone, well its the weekend, I have been a bit ill in health recently and have not been on the website as much as I would like to but I am back on my feet, few health issues to try and figure with the Human Technician but I am sure I will get that all dialled in.

Anyway, its a Saturday so I thought that I would add a great video on here, my Buddy Larry Romestant builds Beemers and they are works of art, we have become good friends over the years and thought today I would share the tv show that had him showing him creating his bike, like you lot I am sure you have had many ups and downs when it comes to creating your ride and Larry does indeed too, which means its the real deal.

Jay Leno,  and James Maund get a feature in this show and I was happy to oblige in a segment too, great to watch on your PC or Big screen and hope you like it?


The trials, tribulations and triumphs of being a custom bike builder come to life as Larry and Carol Romestant design and build a one-of-a-kind BMW Special K cafe racer. Featuring Jay Leno, Steve ‘Carpy’ Carpenter and James Maund with some of the most scenic riding sequences ever seen.






Steve Carpenter

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