Getting closer to Spiral Ham time

Jeez, time is flying by and I have many projects to get wrenching on, bikes to build and engines to strip but I do make fun Gift idea’s like Mechanical Lamps and also I am coning with new affordable parts for your machines, so be sure to check the website regularly as there may be some stuff that appeals to you.

From seats to handle bars, from Mirrors to signals, I hope to try and offer a bigger variety of products to help you get on the road, I mean, I am now coming up to 23 years doing this and never do tire of making parts available and, at a affordable price.

I hope to make more Gauge faces , so you can change out your faded, cracked or boring stock faces, I first did this about 35 years ago, nobody was making anything like this, so keep ya eyes peeled for cool sets.

I am always here to help, if you cant find something, Call, email or even text me on 714-598-8392 and I will do my best to get you covered, its what I do.





Steve Carpenter

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