Glemseck 101

Our definition of the Glemseck 101 after eleven successful rounds:

The Glemseck 101 is a European »motorcycle happening« taking place in Germany with tens of thousands of visitors, guests and participants who represent the full range of the motorcycle scene and who live the »Spirit of the 101« for three entire days.


In Round 12, for three days and two hot nights, we will again revive this special »Spirit of the 101« for with loud, powerful sounds and full throttle. 2017, you will again find a grand stand at our legendary 1/8 mile and for the individual 101-sprints we are realizing new ideas – with exciting and spectacular bikes from throughout Europe plus their brands and designers. The Glemseck 101 in its 12th round will once again be »THE European Bike Festival« and »the place to be« – a happening of the wildest and best bikes, personalities and brands throughout the bike scene.


Make your own mind up, but looks like fun.



We need to have a 3 day weekend like this, on some private land where you can tun 1/8th mile and have some fun sprint racing.


Bung a few hay bales up and some speakers to let the public know who is racing what machine and where they have traveled from etc, would be a great idea.


So here are some photos that Marco Latorre took of the 2017 event in Germany.


looks like they have it every year and the meet gets bigger and bigger, one of these days I hope to travel to this as I get invites from time to time.


Just the sound of different engines revving and then taking off, whipping through the gearbox would be a cool thing to see and hear.


There could be all sorts of classes to make it fun and give you the opportunity to wring the neck out on your ride against somebody like minded.


Have a look and see what you lot think, looks like a win win to me.


I think if we ran something like this in Oct/November would be perfect as it will be overcast and not too hot.


I shall be doing a little investigating on what it would take to organize a meet such as this as I truly believe there would be plenty of interest in such an event for motorcycles.


So Monday I thought that at least you could look at a few pics and below there are a few videos to get your week off to a good start.


Drop me a line if you have any ideas too, the more the merrier.


I had better get back into the garage and knock some work out, have a great week everybody and hope you enjoy another Blog on here.




Steve Carpenter

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