Greased Lighting – Mechanical Lamps



Here at the shop we do more than just build motorcycles, we have a few skills that we like to use and I am sure that some of you will enjoy these mechanical lamps that we create and sell to everyone for their house, their man cave, their shop, or for a cool display at an event etc.

These are all very unique and hand made by Dakota and me, we spend time deciding what to do and then we create these ultra cool lamps that are not only a piece of sculptured art, they actually function as they were intended for and that’s a lamp.

We have made quite a few of these and they have been welcomed by all that see them, these lamps are made from parts I have in the shop and we kind of recycle them, so nothing goes to waste, that’s a good thing right?

These are one offs and we can also make to your requirements if you would like something that you want for your place.




These also make super gifts for any time of the year and something that will last a long time, if you look at some of these, we make some that are 40 pounds in weight and they will never rust away that’s for certain.

If you want something that turns your dial, and have a space allocated for a cool lamp- then come check us out.

You will pay more for a New lamp at a warehouse and everyone else will have that or comment and say ” oh that’s from IKEA” etc

So grab something that is unusual, a one off and a great conversation piece.



We love what we do and are starting to attend a few shows, to let people know what else we have available, we ship all over the world and am sure that we can accommodate your order.


Have a look or give us a call and ask us how we can help you create a wonderful mechanical lam for your place.

Drop us a dime at 714-996-4597 or email us at as we are more than happy to help you.



Steve Carpenter