Here we are 2018 and on the road to a New 12 months  of adventures, I thank you for all your support, I have been into Old bikes, Hot Rods and the like since I was a kid, I love what I do as well as what similar like minded people do, this has become a way of life for me and have made so many friends from all over the globe in what I do.


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Been building machines for over 30 years and will never stop, too much passion for the 2 wheeled machines.


I have no idea where the Motorcycle industry is going but the ride can be a curvy one, I have been here a long time and ridden the rough with the smooth, opportunities in my life pop up all of the time and I look forward to great things, I shall still be building Motorcycles, making more parts, offering great add on parts and of course another apparel range too.

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So I am looking forward to the next episode in my life and hope that you too can join along with me on this journey too.


So-send me High quality photos of your Build and I shall feature it on here. carpy@carpyscaferacers.com I really love seeing other peoples machines, what parts they used and where they are from, it makes this world a whole lot smaller and, I believe makes for a close knit mechanical Family. So send in some cool pics of finished bikes with great Backgrounds like a Railway Track, bridge, River, Church, old Building, Brick wall, you know the deal as people love seeing photos of rides and I look forward to featuring them as a Blog.



Enjoy this Year and we may even cross paths, that would be cool too.


Coming soon will be New Handle Bars, new headlights, new seats etc and trying to push the fun of creating your own machine to the limit.

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The main thing is to have fun with what you do and I am here to help, email, call or text I am here to help you out.


Keep watching website for New blogs and also parts etc.

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A Very happy and fun new Year to you and your family from Carpy’s Cafe Racers.

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Now get building your Motorcycle.







Steve Carpenter

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