The Harlequin Honda CB750F Custom Bike

Been playing around with this build for a while but it is now starting to get into a good looking Custom Machine, so thought I would add these pics today to show you where I am at on the Super Sport. Its a 1975 SS and was stock but needed some help along the way and its turning into a cool Custom.


The steel seat I made and rolled the rear on the Plenisher at home, it came out well and am happy with this, its sturdy and I recessed a tear drop for a Custom Tailight I shall use.


Plenty of clear coat on this so when the final buff happens it should really dazzle in the sunlight.


Sitting in the Garage, as I am working on the exhaust this week, I have ceramic coated it already but will be using the Titanium 2 inch DEI heat wrapping on the header and the Tail pipe is wrapped up on the table as I chromed that part.


I have put many things on this machine and when completed will do a full Blog and what was done and changed etc, just wanted to make this a great Custom with 70’s metalflake candy paint.


It is coming along nicely and am coming to the end of this build, still a few bits and pieces like electrical things and so fourth but it is worth the effort to see this completed.


Still changing a few things around but I think that we are on the home straight away now and can see the finish line around the next bend, been a blast though so far. But stay tuned as I will show more when all completed.



Steve Carpenter

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