Honda CB750K 17,000 Miles 1976 $2500

Well the old 76K is now running, I pulled this out of a back yard, not run since the 80’s but now she runs and rides and all gears work fine too, I love this old inline fours and the tenacity of the CB750 is unsurpassed by any other model I believe.

The 1976 CB750K I think, is the best year, the petcock was changed to the left hand side, that way you did not have to take your hand off the throttle to turn it onto reserve, its a great all round machine and even though this has sat since the 80’s in a back garden, I managed to get the old girl to run and ride once more.

Sure,the old and tired Carbs needed rebuilding and New coils were warranted as the old ones were dried out from the California Sun, but I used OEM coils as I love Genuine Honda parts and not the Chinese rubbish that’s out there.

But, even though this old girl has been sat out in the back garden of a customers for many years, the fact that is only had 17,000 was awesome and internally the motor is fine, but, I still need to do more on this bike and if I do, of course the price will go up, but right now its $2500 and has a few new parts like carbs, coils, Lithium Battery, X ring chain etc, but I took out for a quick ride last night and she pulled pretty hard, had to take it easy though as old tires on it and I may change that out later.

Other than 4 into 1 the bike is all Original but needs a good clean up and I may do that as and when time permits, a great Platform for somebody out there thats for certain as the K6 is a great model to use as stock or a custom design of your very own.

She fires up and she runs through all the gears, only thing that isnt working is the headlight as i think its just the bulb as everything else functions fine, a good solid project that now has a new life and no longer sitting in a sad state not going anywhere, I love getting these old ladies to run again, its a great feeling to hear them bark back into life.

Have a look and it the bike on here, it may stir your mind into getting your leg back over one of these 500 pound inline fours, these a great machines and I continue to be amazed at the Longevity of these 500 pound Motorcycles. They will run with a little clean up after sitting for decades.




Steve Carpenter

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