Little OLD 350 I made Scream and boy did it yell and Loved it.

Allo Allo Allo!  Just thought I would add an old CB350 I sorted out and it ran like crap for many moons, it had been to numerous shops and nobody could get it to run, let alone rev, I took a look and came to the conclusion the carbs and exhaust needed sorting, so took his old set off and got rid of that and fitted my own set up with the secret sauce added to pep this baby up.

You may have to turn your volume down as its fecking loud but it revs well and not red lining either. it pulled strong through all the gears too.

This little machine would scare a few of the big brothers versions for sure, I like loud pipes and want people to know that you are coming up on them, but I did fit a baffle too.

I sold quite a few of these systems and may manufacture them again at some point, the good thing with my system is that it really did produce power and the sound was just killer.

This was a big challenge, as the bike had been to Numerous shops and garages and nobody could get it to run, I saw the issue right away and once the carbs were rebuilt and a good battery with my exhaust system, this little 4 Banger screamed back into life.

My exhaust system hugged the frame super tightly and fitted up so easily, and as soon as you hot that Loud button, you knew right there and then, you were in business.

I shortened the muffler, as I wanted an aggressive look and then the baffle with endcap simply slipped back in and dressed the rear of the exhaust up, a very cool Custom approach.

This bike really pulled like a Steam train when you got it out on the tarmac, I sold many of these and will be producing some more later when i locate another 350-4 I can use as a donor bike for parts.

She was a super loud machine now and the power curve was all the way through, and, this machine loved to be revved, even though I gave her plenty of beans, it did not Red line.

Fun times playing with this 350- Four and hope to get into another one and share it on the website.




Steve Carpenter

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