Great weekend weather to work on your 2 wheeled machine here in Southern California

With temps in the 80’s it nice to be able to work on the bikes in warm weather, I spent so many years shivering my arse off back in the UK, that I look back and wonder how I managed to do anything when there was ice on the inside of the garage door, so here we are in So Cal and enjoying every minute of the climate that we are blessed to receive here.

I wanted to Pull the Vesco Honda out and go through a few things, I do not like the Tappet covers, they squash the O-Rings out of shape and I have a small Oil leak, so I am going to change them out with some Custom Black Aluminum versions and New genuine Honda O-Rings, that should sort it. But, If I still get some oil on the head, i shall remove the valve cover a fit a new gasket too and this is the perfect weather for it.

Have fun with your machine this weekend.



Steve Carpenter

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