Weekend is here already, working on a New braided brake line set up, and a Custom Headlight Assembly.

Well, Saturday soon came around, I have been pretty busy as of late at the shop here in La Mirada, it is always a busy time of year as many people need pars for their bikes and I help all that I can to make sure they can complete their Motorcycle in time for some great riding.

Now, I am bringing out many more new products that will be available for you to use on your machines and I do all the prototype work to make sure it not only fits easier, but that it performs better than what you have right now.

The 2 parts I want to feature today are my Custom European headlight, which is a really Custom look and comes with a Stone guard and a Yellow Lens, to get you noticed.

So right now, today I have been working on a Project motorcycle, a CB750 F Super Sport and the stock brake line set up just wasn’t cutting it, so I removed that and used my brand new Braided hose stainless brake line that has Stainless Steel adapters and is so easy to fit to your machine too.

So, above you can see the Braided hose, this is Top Quality all the way, even the Formula One Race cars you see use this brand of hose, so you know these are a great deal.


These Braided hoses will fit the CB750K and the CB750f but- this is for removing your front brake switch, I dont like them and remove them from the triple tree and fit a single one piece brake hose, and this will give you 40% more braking and so easy to fit too, but- if you want to have your brake switch, I offer a 2 piece brake line kit on the website, so check that out at your leisure.

I use a straight fitting that simply screws into the caliper, then you use the crush washer I supply, then route the braided line down to the caliper, going behind the lower triple tree and then into the caliper, simply screw the adapter in place, undo the bleeder, fill the reservoir on your mater cylinder and bleed it into a bottle with a clear pipe so you can see the air bubbles exiting the bleeder.

These are such great quality and gives your brake more power but also a more Custom look as well.

You will find this so easy to bleed and the brake will feel way more positive when you grab the lever and thats a good thing.

This literally took me 5 minutes to fit and bleed and now functions so well and gives me more confidence in stopping when i am out on the tarmac next and now available to you lot.


The Brake hose is fitted and now I have fitted the Euro style headlight and made a special bracket to house it, this allows you to use the stock location of the lower triple tree bolts, i will chrome the bracket when completed and that too will be available on the website .

The Stone Guard will protect your lens from any stones or projectiles that are sometimes left on the highway or byways when you are riding to an event or a job etc.

Also, the strong Yellow lens, gives it a European style but will grab more attention from drivers but with out blinding them, look how cool this front end is now.

So, I am off to the garage to do a wee bit more but wanted to show you what i got up to today, have fun with your Motorcycle and thanks for checking my Blog and my parts out, I am here to help, call or text 714-598-8392 and I will do my best to get you sorted out.

I love my job and love to promote Custom parts too.



Steve Carpenter

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