Merry Christmas Everyone!

I want to take this festive time of year to thank all MY customers for ALL their support this year, been a fast 12 months that’s for sure and am looking forward to see what 2017 brings to my doors.


I am looking at making more parts for more models, from exhausts, to seats, to lights and some clothing too, so keep checking back with me for all the cool Motorcycle and Hot Rod parts for 2017.


Also I shall be adding more Blogs and hopefully more video to, and it will be quite an epic year I think and look forward to sharing it with you too.

Remember to check often on my blogs and New parts pages as I will be adding quite a bit as I get the New year rolling.


You can also follow me on instagram @59club or on Twitter @750racer also on face book under @carpyscaferacers @steverichardcarpenter or @carpyscafe


A Very Merry Christmas to you ALL and many thanks from the bottom of my heart to each and everyone one of you for using my business to supply you with the parts you needed.



Steve Carpenter

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