The Vesco Honda frame gets a New Coat of Metalflake Silver Paint

Well, as we head into the end of the week, I am pushing to try and get as many things completed as I can for the Vesco bike, any Custom machine takes time and what with all this crazy wet weather here in Southern California, it has proven to be quite an arduous task to get some of the goals achieved, and more wet weather coming, its going to be an uphill struggle but I shall do all I can to get this together.

Its the wettest its been since Recorded history in the OC and I have to now work smart and do as much as I can with the doors closed, but I have many pokers in the fire and I am certain that this will get done but there seems to be obstacles all the way.

Right, after all that Modifying on the frame, I bead blasted it to bare metal, now it was time to get some paint on the chassis and this time I wanted Silver Metalflake, its a great color concept and very 1970’s too.

So, I thought that i would share on this Blog how that is now starting to develop, its almost there and can then put it on the table and begin to assemble into a unique Custom Bike.



Steve Carpenter

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