New Stainless Steel Exhaust for the Vesco Honda Creation

Well, the Rains are here again tomorrow, so had to tear into many projects to try and get ahead of the storm, as it will restrict me to many things I need to do to create this Custom Motorcycle, the Exhaust I originally tried out was pretty Bad Arse- But I wanted something really trick, so for a few days I sketched a couple of Idea’s and came up with my Latest design.

This is my latest system and I have called it the “Y-Block” And this system breathes like a man with Three Lungs.  Seriously, this is a great bit of Kit and hand made from 049 Stainless and not only does it perform, it is light weight yet sturdy. This is so much better in Stainless and wanted to show the Globe that cool stuff does indeed come out of sheds and Garages.

A lot of time and effort went into this system and I am happy at the end result, this will look great on the Vesco Honda and am sure many will ask about all the details that the bike has on it, there is so much to do and have to do all I can in the short amount of time to get this machine back up and running- no easy task and still quite a way away from completing this build.

The system will fit ALL of the 750 Motorcycles from 1969-1978 in the SOHC Range and will fit the CB750K, CB750F and CB750A models too, the design took some time to create how I drew it but it is bang on and I cannot be more happier than how the “Y-Block” free flowing System has turned out.

All quick release springs, this is a slip on system just like the old race bikes and wanted to give a little more Hot Rod look to this set up and I feel that I have accomplished that style and look. This has a Nickel Plated Removable Baffle and sounds just like a deeper version of the Yoshimura style system.

The fit and finish is superb and great ground clearance too, wasn’t sure if this was even possible a few weeks ago but after many drawings of concepts etc this is the end result and it looks so good, I am super happy that I went this way and it sure does look Custom. Sat on the workbench and rwady for it to be fitted to the Custom machine when I get it up to assembly.

This is my design and its a 4 into 2 into 1 set up that really lets the gases flow hard and escapes at the end through a baffle at a faster pace than many out there, and I really wanted a trick looking set up that not only looks and sounds great, but performs pretty well too, and this sure does meet the bill.

Of course I will offer this as a line for the HONDA CB750, CB550 and CB500 a little later on but first i want to see how it performs on the bike and will give a full run down when I have all that completed, but this New System really is a unique set up that I will be happy to offer to all of you soon for your inline Four Motorcycles.

I will weigh it later as its so much lighter than the steel versions and when it is in its brushed Stainless guise, its a real head turner with the welds turning that nice Bronze color.

A fun looking Exhaust that I am proud to put my name on and I am sure will get quite a lot of interest for other peoples rides, so today turned out a great way to bring the week to en end.

This will be easy to fit to your very own inline four, even if you are on your own as it weighs nothing and comes apart easily for assembly etc and the springs are way easier to remove than undoing bolts .

I wanted to have something different out there and to show that I also love Hot Rods too, it’s all a cool lifestyle that I have always been into and now have a great system for the inline Four Honda’s.

When the Vesco Brat bike is completed, I shall take a lot of photos of it, as well as some sound bytes of the exhaust system, I will still use the Yoshi style baffle as I love that tone.

So with that- I shall bid you a fond farewell and get back into the Garage, as I have a million more things to do and as the storm approaches, I need to get in there fast.  Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog, let me know your thoughts, as input is so important from My Customers.






Steve Carpenter

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