More viewing to make Wednesday a little less boring.

Wednesday is here and I thought I would add some more eye candy for you to all be able to view today and try and help with your day going by a little more easier.

Some more Vids from the net and I am sure that some you have seen and some I am sure you have not, but makes for great watching none the less.

This is MY lifestyle that I came accustomed too many years ago and do not think I shall ever lose that flame of ” The Café Racer”
Now, I dig al motorcycles and, the cool thing about the Café Racer rides , is that you can use anything as a platform- True, the Original Cafe’s were obviously Brit iron, but that’s getting expensive and, hard to locate in some countries, so that’s why I dig other brands too.
Check out this GUZZI project.

I moved out to Australia for about 4 years and I had a Café Racer out there, the scene is getting stronger all over the globe and it is so refreshing to see so many different breeds and now the XT 600 YAMAHA have come around to seeing how cool this look really is.
Check out this Mongrel

Now a HONDA 900, just cruising the back roads.

Now, back over the pond and across the water from my Original home of the UK, this is where the French do their stuff and have a great festival.

A french festival dedicated to vintage and customized motorcycles, taking place on the mythical Linas-Montlhery speedtrack. Loud pipes, boiling oil, hot tires and leatherjackets. Let’s rock.



Steve Carpenter