Paint scheme I did almost 15 years ago

Well, it is almost the 4th July, the weekend is almost here, I was looking through my Computer and happened to come across this body work that I did back at home in my garage in the City Of Orange, some 15 years ago.  I didnt use it in the end and sold it on Ebay, never did see it again, I did a similar paint scheme to the HTML bike 8 years later but forgot I had even done something similar.

I had an old K4 Gas tank that was pretty beaten up and not wanting it to go to waste, I hammered the sides to give them Knee inserts a certain pop when you look at it, these take a while and I hand hammer them, but the end result is always cool to see.  They came out great and then I decided That I would have a play around with some paint, as I received some sample Candy Paint from a friend of mine.

I used a Candy Aztec Gold Base and added the flake with it and sprayed the whole tank and seat I had as a spare, then wet sanded it and masked it ready for the Candy Apple Red candy paint and laid that on super think, wet sanded and then a liter of Clear Coat to make sure it seals the color in good.

This was all experimental and was super glad at the way she turned out and, all in a garage at home, make sure you put a tarp on the floor and water everywhere as Metalflake gets everywhere.

I wanted to share this with you as to be honest, I had totally forgotten about this bodywork and now on reflection, how could I have forgotten about such a great color scheme for a motorcycle?

The Seat base is my own Dunstall assembly that I still sell many of on the website and it held the paint really well with no issues at all and was a breeze to prepare and spray.

I have always loved Metalflake and the likes of Roth, Barris, Watson, Starbird and Von Franco all loved to incorporate on their rides back in the day and when the Sun hits the color it really does Pop!

Wished I kept that now but I am sure we have all done that and I needed the money for electricity bill or something back then so it helped me out of a jam at the time.

Its a nice combination and very MV Augusta of the day, sure hope that you lot like it too?

So, I thought  that today would be a good day to show some old photographs of this tank and seat set up for a CB750 Honda and maybe it will inspire you to get out in the shed, garage or Porchway for that matter and have a go on your bodywork?

There are tons of color options that you can use and the end result will always wow you with Candy paint.

I think I have made over 100 pounded gas tanks over the years and never tire of it, albeit its a lot of hard work, but the end result is worth all that sweat.

I test fitted this on the bike I had just started, the Tenacuois Ton Alloy bike, so shows you how long ago that was.

A sharp set of Bodywork thats for certain, and glad that I took a risk on it, and all them years ago too, just makes me smile when I see this photograph.

I am building a few bikes this year and have some different Custom designs that I hope to incorporate into the bodywork, so stay tuned on my website for that.

Thank you for taking your time to read my Blog today, hope it at least made you smile, this is a very cool paint scheme that I am truly proud of putting out there in Cafe Racer Land.

Have a Super 4th of July weekend everybody.




Steve Carpenter

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