Never tire of wrenching on 2 or 4 wheels

With all this Crazy Mayhem with the virus and wear a mask etc., its nice for me to be able to just do my own thing out in the sticks and away from the craziness that has really changed the Globe right now, but I came across this photo of me many years ago when I created my own style of CR750 Honda and they were care free days that we still need to have . Below is how Life is today with just some of my very own rides and am blessed to live the lifestyle that I do.

I have a variety of machines to complete and am looking forward to new parts I will be making available to you all to help you with your own creation, half the fun is building and the other half is riding them.

I have built many styles of bikes and always scratching my Nogging to think of what to do next, but when the New Barn is completed, I shall be looking into completing some creations and more Blogs and videos to show you what I get up to out here.

If I can help steer you in the right direction , I surely will, this is like a big family to me and always feels good when a Customer informs me their ride is now on the road for the first time.

Get creative and you may have to strip that bike 3 or 4 times to get where you wanted, this bike above I built 3 times but in the end it came out just as I had envisioned it and was worth the blood sweat and tears.



Steve Carpenter

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