Service today on 1981 DOHC HONDA CB750F

Well the weekend is almost here, people want to sling their leg over their steed and head out on the tarmac and enjoy the Summer weather, so I have had plenty of Service work to do as of late, this morning I had this DOHC Brat turn up needing a little help.

It needs a New exhaust system and something I can help him with later on but right now it just needs the fluids changed, New plugs and Filters, Cables Lubed and chain oiled and set as well as checking tire pressures etc.

These bike is not fun when trying to just remove the spark plugs as the 2 center plugs are sat in low and the Gas tank and sat have to be removed to be able to gain access to that area.

It does to be a task sometimes, as on Custom builds, the stock hangers are not there, it may take a little time to figure out how to take Custom seats off, and in 100 degree heat, you want to do it in a timely fashion as it gets so hot in this part of the State that you sweat buckets simply by walking to the tool box.

Anyway, managed to get the seat and big arsed Gas tank off the bike and place out of the way, now I can get to the plugs with no problems at all and see whats going on if there is anything else showing signs of wear and tear etc.

She is running Rich too and has the incorrect heat range plugs for this model, but no worries as I have the correct spark plugs in stock and the new ones are gapped and set ready to fit back into the cylinder head once more.

I always have used Anti Seize on any spark plug as these can get stuck in the head pretty easy over time and you either end up stripping a thread or snapping a plug trying to get it undone.

The only pain in the ass on this one is that as the bike has an oil cooler, the Oil Filter sits out more and this guy has Exhaust wrap on his headers and if I left the exhaust headers on the bike and attempted to remove the oil filter, oil would drip all over the collector and then the bike would smoke for days, didn’t want that, so the best option was to remove the exhaust system.

As you can see, I had to remove the crush gaskets, something you should do anytime you remove the exhaust, and the ones I removed were after market version and were an utter pig to get out, but after removal I cleaned the ports out and fitted Genuine Honda Copper crush gaskets before I refitted exhaust system after fitting New Oil Filter and O-Rings.

All seems good, I replaced the old oil with Castrol High Mileage 10-40 and have used this Viscosity oil for these bikes for decades.

So everything is back together and took it for a test run, just to make sure oil level was fine and the bike ran good, adjusted chain and lubed etc.

So, another Motorcycle serviced and he is back on the road a very happy chappy, and I am glad to see another Motorcycle on the road once more.

Thanks for watching my Blog today and if I can help you with Service, parts or complete creations, just let me know.

I added a video I did with my phone but you will need to turn the sound up as its super quiet for some reason.

Have a Great weekend and hope that you get time to work on your machine.



Steve Carpenter

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