The Sidewinder Exhaust System for SOHC Honda CB750 CB550 and CB500 Four.

My Exhausts System named the Sidewinder is a Fun and Easy to fit 4 into 1 Performance system that will fit all CB750-CB550 and CB500 Four Honda Machines.

I am super proud of all my systems and this one I like because it allows for you to use your main stand if you so wish, the system flows so well and breathes like New lungs for a smoker.

I have sent these to all over the United States and the Globe, I get so much Positive feedback it really does make my day and of course, make my parts help people get their machines back on the tarmac.


Just thought I would share some pics today seeing its a Sunday and many people will be either on their machines riding, or building.

Have a great weekend and if you can get some time with your 2 wheeled machine, that would be even better.



Steve Carpenter

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