Summer is here and time to get back on 2 wheels

We are so lucky here in Southern California, we are blessed with Sunny days most of the year round, albeit the price we pay is we get Earthquakes and we got a couple of big buggers on July 4th and 5th, with a few aftershocks on their way.

But other than that, we are fortunate to have year round riding weather, but thats not the case for most of the other parts of the USA and the world etc, especially places like Canada etr.  They have a very short riding season and its this time of year that many riders are slinging their legs over the two wheeled creations and pounding the tarmac.

If you need parts, well I am here for you all, as well as any enquiries as to how to hopefully come up with an answer to a frustrating system on the bike, maybe Carburettor issue ? Bad coils? or what oil and plugs do you recommend etc.


My job is to help you get your machione on the road for the first time or, for the millionth time again, its all good and this really is the best time of year for the two wheeled industry.

I love what I do and if I can help you get you back on the road, then I am a happy Bloke, I can help you with many parts, I have been doing these cool Vintage Stke Tuck n Roll seat assemblys for the K series Honda’s for many years and they turn our great, fit well and are comfortable, but more than anything, made by me right here in California USA!

So, have a great Tuesday and if you need help you can email me at or even Text me on the same number for a faster response. I ship out the same day if I have the part in stock too.

I make parts for Triumphs too, so stay tuned to the website if you have a Twinline Motorcycle and need help with that as well, this seat style I make for the HONDA and the TRIUMPH and was the first to do this style many years ago and continue to push the enevelope in making new parts for the bikes out there .

Thanks for reading my Blog today, I try and keep you up to date with whats going on, if you have a 350 to a 1000 I can usually accomidate you and get you back on the road fast, but i also have a passion for Motorcycles, been into these bkes for decades and thats where I get a lot of experience from as I have ridden them for so long.

Have a fun Tuesday and hopefully you get some time to wrench or ride on your favorite machine out there.




Steve Carpenter

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