Thailand’s Little Drag Bikes- With A Lot of Speed!

Well, here we are, still having to keep our distance and wear masks, its like we are all lepers and are plagued to stay at 2 meters apart, but I know it isnt for too much longer, and I strive to continue to make parts and create motorcycles.  Our Hobby is still very strong and, as we now have to stay home more, many people are picking some wrenches up and getting into their Shed, garage or workshop and get into some old projects that they thought they would never have time to get at.


So, as to make the day go by a little easier, I thought that i would add some videos of these crazy Thailand Drag bikes, these little things are stripped down and they can run as fast as 9 seconds on the drag strip.

These look a hoot to ride and I have to laugh how they change gear, its fun to watch and to listen to them little motors revving their arse off.  I thought some of you would also enjoy watching these as you work at home?

Thank you all for ordering my parts, my exhausts are going through the roof and continue to do so, so thank you all from the bottom of my heart.




Steve Carpenter

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