The things I enjoy doing in the garage.

Well here we are on a Monday, its hotter than a Jalapeno flavored ice-cream and I have been trying to catch up on a few things, so not a big time to do much on my Blog today., so forgive me for that.

But I love all things old and a while back I picked up a 1935 Refrigerator, got it running and thought, what the heck I shall paint it as the normal White is as appealing to me as swamp ass.

Below are a few pics I found and thought I would share, it shows how cool you can change the look of a drab looking article and give it just a little wow factor. This was about 2001 I think.

I am sure that you have a fridge in the Garage or shed that looks kinda plain right this minute? So this is what I did with this old Frigidaire from 1935 that was put out on the side of the road.

I took this all apart, the cord was broken and once I rewired, this puppy fired right up and got cold, remember not to lay these down and, if you do, stand them up and dont plug in for a couple of days as the Freon all moves and it wont cool again. Anyway I removed the door, and also sanded the body of the old fridge with 600 wet n dry sandpaper.

I laid the door down on a old step ladder and table, then cleaned it and wet and dried hand sanded until I got this smoother than a babys arse, I also taped up the handle and seal.

I know these are not big photos but these are as big as I can blow them up before they pixelate, but as you can see, I have now painted the body an off ivory, I just liked the color to be honest.

Next up I masked it off halfway and by the way, this is Rattle Can paint for machines, so no HVLP spray guns, just make sure you rattle for 2 minutes and give even coats and you will be surprised at the finish you can get.

As you can see, I have painted the Indian Motorcycle Chief on the top part of the fridge, I used good old One shot enamel with a small brush and was stoked how this came out, next up was the lower half and I thought that maybe some good old pin-striping would be just the ticket. So what I did was draw a line up the middle and then drew some pistons and some flowing lines that were almost identical on the other side. I used a china graph pencil or any water soluble pencil will suffice as you can easily rub out any wobbly lines until you have it how you want.

Now this time I used some One Shot White and that offset really does stand out, I also painted Indian in Blue below to break everything up, it came out pretty good and I enjoy doing this, its just fun and to see something bland change to something cool is very satisfying and maybe cost me $40 to do all up.

Sorry the pics are so bad but I did this in my garage about 2001, as you can see I made a light box sign behind and some other art I was having a go at, just wanted to share this as I do not JUST do motorcycle stuff, although thats a huge passion, but sometimes you need a break to re light your fuse and art for me is a way of doing that. This now resides in someone elkses garage and still works today and the paint still looks great.

Thanks for looking at my Blog today, have fun with your Motorcycle, Hot Rod or what ever and enjoy life as it sure blasts by.




Steve Carpenter

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