Tech Tip, how to Undo Tight Bolt by Hand.

Hey there, happy Friday to you all from an actually Rainy Southern California, something that is quite rare these days but we need to rain so I dont mind the H20 coming down in buckets right now.

So- As to make the most of this wet day I had a few things that I needed to do and one of them was to take an old Sprocket and chain Guard off a CB750K rear Hub.


Now- many people ask me for a few tips and I shall be answering a few of these questions over the next few days in blogs etc, but today I had to remove these parts of the Rear wheel Hub and the nuts on here were factory tightened.

Now, if you have no air tools and the Nuts on the hub or anything that you need to remove are tighter than a Scotsman Wallet, then, here is a little trick I do when I need to get something that tight undone and using minimum tools.

I use my regular socket and wrench and then I grab an old Fork tube and slip that over the wrench handle.

This Leverage now produces close to 2 Tons of pressure and is known as a Fulcrum.

This has worked for me for over 40 years now, my old man taught me and you may know an easier way if you don’t have power tools, but for me it is so easy to do and wanted to share today.
This works on ANYTHING, give it a go, you will surprise yourself.

Thanks for watching and have a great weekend.



Steve Carpenter

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