New Triumphs Hit the Shows

OK, here we are with a few photos that are belting around the internet and wanted to share them with you. the 2016 Thruxton is great as Track racer, but the others are a little too mainstream for my liking, but hey, they want to sell to the masses and that’s cool with me.

I love the front forks and the Rickman style fairing but front fender brace is over the top.

Yes- I would Ride this, very cool except for yellow springs on the rear Ohlins WTF up with that?

Lose the weird looking fender hangers and this would be great.

A Thorobred look, hope they sorted the shitty rear brake out this time.

Norton styled triple Tree configuration and I like this set up.

Looks fun to ride and I hope to sling my leg over one soon to test ride and report.

They Totally lost the plot here and looks like the Curry Basher Continental to me.

I Like this design in its simplicity.

I think the Brat guys and Hot Rodders will like this, but I am not a fan of the Spider web rims.

Other than the rims, I like the look of the bike.

Its a nice ride oter than looking like the Royal Enfield GT Continental .

Needs a smaller headlight but other than that I do like this motorcycle.

This looks boring and that exhaust looks like its off a steam train.

The T120 has a weird badge on the tank. But I am sure all these models will sell well.

Beckhams look great and the Belstaffs too!




Steve Carpenter

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