Vesco Bike, bit more done on parts today.

Well, the weather has been pretty unkind over here in California, the Rain has been hammering down and as much as 3 inches a day, so that has restricted what I can do in the garage as I need to pull the bikes outside to be able to work in the area.

Rain was due this afternoon, so I went out in the garage and started by pulling the old rear brake hub out and then cleaning it in Vinegar and then lightly polishing it, I then secured the Brake hub to a piece of Old ply wood and then set about drilling a hole display, as I like that old school speed air cooling look and thats what I wanted to do to this hub.

Took quite a while but am happy with the result, I still have to Polish to a chrome finish but got it done just in time as the rain was beginning to fall.

So, I went into the garage and got the old brake Rotor from the Vesco bike and as it had seen better days, I thought I would give it the Old style Swiss Cheese style and drill 185 Holes into the Rotor, thus allowing heat Dissipation and it is also good for dispersing water like rain etc and lastly it is lighter too.

These Rotors are arguably, softer than an Italian Soccer club and drilling using a carbide tip was pretty easy but, it is time consuming drilling 185 Holes, and as you look at the Rotor, it does indeed look as though I have drilled them in a curve, but on closer inspection, you will see they really are a straight line of 3 then 2 holes and fun to drill and, for me its really therapeutic.

I love doing these and over the 19 years, I have drilled over 500 Rotors and they are still on the road today, testament that these really are a great set up for the Honda Four.

There you go, the tough part is, once you have drilled the 185 Holes you then have to counter sink them, Both sides, so thats 370 times, but as I said, to me its therapeutic and do the whole job in 90 minutes and what a great outcome, once I get to this stage, I shall remove the paint and then polish it to a chrome looking finish.

Still loads to do but wanted to share what I had done today, I used to offer these Rotors and may do again but need to collect about 50 of them so I can bang them out in a week etc.

but fun doing all this and hope you are enjoying my blog on the recreation of this old Vesco Honda time machine that I am turning into a Custom Brat bike to the La Custom show in March.







Steve Carpenter

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