What a great time Jennifer and I had whilst attending VLV18 and, as a VIP Guest of Tom Ingram, I sure needed a break from the shop and this was the perfect way to relax and enjoy something that I really do have a passion for and wanted to relax and take the whole 4 days in and experience the great bands, car shows and people that attend this event every year.

It is hard to explain what this event is all about in just a sentence, for you guys it is just a little insight into the “Scene” I was into back home in the UK for over 3 decades. Everything was fun, and music for all tastes, from Instrumentals to fast playing Double Bass banging Rockers.


We stayed at the Orlean’s Casino and it was packed to the gills but a super atmosphere and music blaring out of every orifice of the casino where ever you sat, we unloaded the car and then went and had a drink and check the area out as more and more pople were driving or flying in for this event from all over the globe.


One of the highlights for me was to get to see Sweden’s ” Go Getters”  Play, as they are a tremendous band and the leader singer plays drums standing up and is quite the entertainer and such a professional sound, clean crisp and understandable, a brilliant set that we stood amongst all the crowd to enjoy, never have I enjoyed standing for so long!


Below is a you tube Video for you to get a wee bit of insight into that weekend. Some obscure stuff too as well as early Rockabilly in the main halls and of course the greaqt 45’s spinning of some of my favorite tracks, but below is just the car show outside that attracted a lot of people and the weather did not disappoint one bit.


Another video off the internet of car show.

Another video of pool side.

one more from the net


The car show was really good, plenty of different cars to look at and we enjoyed walking around the lines of vehicles and also took in all the vendors booths etc.


Plenty of cool stuff to look at, as well as bands playing live as you walk around the giant parking lot, what was pretty cool to see was an old Airstream has been converted to a mobile barber shop.


Suavecito is a Pomade brand that has been out a few years and really took of in California and this Airstream was the perfect business card.


It was a popular attraction that’s for sure and was cool inside as the Sun had started to do its thing and by the afternoon, it was cooking us all.

vegas321Plenty of the pin up stuff all over the place to be honest, I took a few snaps as we walked around the car show and everyone seemed to be having fun, no attitude and a really good vibe at VLV 18, something that is rarely seen at events anymore, so Kudos to Tom Ingram for putting together a great event once more.


I saw some cool hairstyles, clothing etc and even unusual tattoo’es at this event and thought I would share some with you on my Blog.


This Girly had a really detailed back piece of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London in the Blitz of WW2, very detailed and could not help but notice it.


Steady Clothing were doing great and very approachable, people seemed to like everything that was there at the show and too much eye candy to lost on here at this time.


As the Sun was up early, it was a good idea to buy a parasol and there were plenty on parade this day and kept everybody that used one cool.


People meeting up for the first time, or not seen for years was always cool to see, I saw a couple of mates I had not seen in 20 years.


I haven’t seen mark since back in the UK and now he lives out in Oregon, so glad to see him. mark may be known to you as G minus Mark from his pod casts. ”



A great day for checking the vendors out to see what they had to offer at Viva Las Vegas. 18. See if you can make it out next year.


The Girls all seemed to like the 20% off deal as they were busy all day.


Custom Scalloped 60 caddy got plenty of attraction that day and a good opportunity for the Pin up girls to take advantage of a great Backdrop for some cool shots.



The Sun Belted down more than the weatherman predicted and plenty of umbrellas and parasols were needed this weekend.


Yes Girlies, there were Tons of bags for you lot and I am sure Jennifer was loving them all, you can see she had her own one she bought some time ago.


A perfect weekend for hanging by the pool too and if you did not have a bathing Suit, there were plenty of vendors that sold them here.


Always some cool people walking around and everyone was in a fun mood and just enjoying the weekend that awaited them, with sun, food, Alcohol and brilliant bands playing some knock out Music, it was going to be a great event.


Great outfit displaying Route 66, Jennifer had already seen this material a few months back and almost made a costume out the same design, small world eh?


Mr pomp lives down the road from us so was great to see him and his girl, thats his Flaked pick up he painted behind too.

Well, I have run out of time right now, so will Blog this and get back to work, many email me saying they enjoy the Blogs, so I continue to do this.

Stay tuned for part 2.






Steve Carpenter

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