Always had Old Motorcycles and Jalopy’s

Hard to believe that Christmas is already upon us and not long left until some of you will be burping and snoring as you have demolished anything that was left of the Turkey, well, that is if you are from back home in Britain, out here in the states, Turkey is eaten at thanks giving, so usually we have Prime rib or Ham for Christmas dinner here, still takes me a bit of getting used to, even though I have been here almost two decades. hard to believe that I left the UK back in 1997, the pic below is the last ride I had on my Triumph to an event.

Loved that Old Daytona and did many miles on it, going to hemsby was a 260 mile ride and I sure had a blast with that 1969 Daytona, but the bloody carbs always went out of tune and was forever tuning the bike, but, thats the trumpys for ya.

Heading back to North London, darker hair and only 140 pounds, those were the days, I loved Motorcycles and Hot Rods and had many over the time, something I still do to this day.

Before I moved to the other side of the world, I repainted the Triumph Black and gold leafed the tank badges, I really wanted to take the bike with me and wish i could of had the opportunity as I knew every nut and bolt on that machine, this was the last but one  pic taken of that bike in Alexandra Palace where I loved in North London, I rode this machine every day in Rain, wind and many times in the snow, as thats all I had in 1997.

A happy guy as I had just tuned the carbs once more, I took her for a blast up around the M25 and boy did she rip, as I had just repaired the cylinder head as it had a hair line crack in it, fitted a Boyer Ignition and this T100 would really pull hard as you hit 4000 revs, it was like it found another gear and would literally take off. Wish I still had that 1969 Daytona.

Old photo of me with my 1961 Ford Consul Lowline, I bought it from original owner and painted it Red with a white roof, as it was boring grey, I drove that all over the place and was always doing different things to that car.

Above is just as I started work on the Ford, I didnt like the stock grey color and needed it to be a bright Red, this was a fun project and off I started with another Custom machine.

Jeez, that was a crazy fun time in my life, look at that high Flat top hair cut for a start, but I remember it as if it was yesterday and glad I had this image still.

Probably should of deleted this one LOL but those were the 80’s and you would have to pay me a lot of money to wear that shirt again ha ha ha.

So with that I shall bid you lot a fond faewell, just wanted to share these pics with you, I have always tinkered with old stuff and always will do.




Steve Carpenter

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