Mt Baldy Ride 59 Club O.C. Saturday May 23rd





Meetup at Alea’s.  Breakfast… kickstands up at 10:00.

3371 E Miraloma Ave, Anaheim, CA

It will be time to take to the mountains this Saturday (23rd) as the 59 Club O.C. Section spend the day checking out this scenic and curvy Mountain area that Motorcycles were ideally suited for.

If you want to come out for a ride, then meet us up at Alea’s Cafe on Saturday Morning, we leave at 10am and Bare will be leading as he knows them roads quite well.


This will be a fun ride and with great people, I have never been on this route and am looking forward to it immensely.

So sling your leg over your steed and come and spend a few hours with us as we enjoy the So-Cal countryside.

We would love to see you for the ride as this will be a great day for it and your Motorcycle.


Bare suggested this Route:


The best route for Baldy ride; 57-210W-Off at Azusa turn left at exit street, right on Azusa. Handy Mobil station a block up on the left (one way street), Continue on Azusa to San Gabriel Canyon and continue to the Chrystal Lake turn off, about 22 miles. There is a little food place at Chrystal Lake mostly outside seating, not that I would recommend it. Save your appetite for Mt Baldy. We will then go back down San Gabriel (11 mi) to East Fork road and turn left. Take East Fork to Glendora Ridge road, this is a real switch back, about 4 mi, then continue down to a stop sign (5mi) and turn left. Go about 12 miles to Mt Baldy road stop sign and turn left. Go about 400 yds to a restaurant on the left. All distances are approximate! after lunch those who live east of Mountain Road in Claremont can go down Mt baldy road to the 210. Those who live west and go back across Glendora Ridge to Glendora Mountain which will take you down into Glendora. My choice. Get in all the twisties I can!


If you want to find out about how to join this Nostalgic and prestigious club, check out:

I love this Club and have a passion for all Nostalgic Motorcycles, be it old or new but have that certain style to it from the days of the café Racers of Britain in the late 1950’s.



Steve Carpenter

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