Handy tips that may Help you out in a Pinch.

Hello All

Many people email me about issues that have and if I can help or advise on how to get something removed from a bike and most of the time I have an answer, I have been doing this as a kid and now 54 years young- I am still learning, but here are a few tips that may help u, sorry for the quality but I was just using my I-Phone, but- You get the concept.
Below is just an easy tip on how I remove any Nut or Bolt that is so tight, I cant move it by hand, many of you work at home in the Shed or garage and this can really help big time in these predicaments.

Below is a 2 parts as I couldnt hold the wrench and video on my phone at the same time but you will see that I rebuild Many HONDA CB750’s and A lot of Customers ask me how I remove the rear wheel Bearing retainer, as you have to do this to be able to get the Roller Bearing out.
So here is what I do.

Part 2 as I kept dropping the wrench Ha Ha Ha.

Thanks for watching, hope it helped out?

carpy bashed



Steve Carpenter

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