Mooneyes Christmas event Irwindale

Well, Saturday Morning soon came around, a little apprehensive about the trip to Irwindale today as yesterday we had Rain on and off all day and the forecast was dry as a proverbial bone.

 photo 026_zps4f9b3ep6.jpg


But it was a nice morning and no sign of rain, but, we came to the decision to jump in the wagon, and head out to the freeway and see what this years Mooneyes show had in stall for us, on many occasions the sky’s have closed and it has poured down with H2O, so this time we were prepared.
 photo 027_zpslzawctql.jpg

The traffic was pretty good on the 5 and the 605 was even more clearer, so it took us maybe 25 minutes to make the trip to the Drag strip, but there was the usual line to get in and, I could see there was many vehicles already at the show and knew that this event would indeed be a doozy!

 photo 030_zpsknlirg80.jpg

We parked on the Oval track where they race the Speedway, so kinda cool being lined up on the third turn and headed down the incline, trying not to walk like a professional shopping cart pusher.

 photo 031_zpswvrchcrx.jpg

Once in the show, the air was filled with BBQ and Hot Dogs, as well with a good sprinkling of Rockabilly Music, and high revving cars as they staged and drag raced up the 1/8th mile strip.

 photo 032_zpsxxnqxzac.jpg

So many cars had turned up and it was fun to walk the lines of machines, checking them out and seeing what the trend is this year in the Custom world and I noticed a few Lavender painted cars in a flat finish, so that seems to be the go this year.
 photo 033_zps6ti8xqi5.jpg

Mooneyes is always a fantastic annual social event for me and was great to be able to approach some well known names in the Hot Rod industry, just to shoot the breeze etc.

 photo 036_zps8xuvwiqf.jpg

Shige from Mooneyes is always there and will stop everything he is doing to chat and genuinely ask how you are etc, so great to see him and Chico, along with Bob and Go manning the busy station, selling their infamous wares.

 photo 037_zps3p4cphgz.jpg

There were many vendors this year and ranging from cool plaid Pendletons, to custom pomade, there seemed to be a little of everything at the show and was a enjoyable checking different vendors booths to see what they had created for sale.

 photo 050_zpslhp6p0ei.jpg

I saw Vintage Hot Rod Club Coats I would of given three arms and a leg for but wrong sizes made it a unsuccessful scavenge for me this time but, proves that there are still wicked clothing out there if you are at the right place at the right time.

 photo 052_zpsxszvcfdr.jpg

 photo 053_zps9pxllhjd.jpg

 photo 054_zpsvokhhfqe.jpg

 photo 080_zps8wjnsgkn.jpg

I saw Big Nick Barns, another Ex pat living in SoCal and has been dealing in the Vintage Clothing industry over 30 years and always seems to come up with unique apparel and love seeing it.

 photo 077_zpstrgptnv9.jpg

Jennifer and I watched Buddy Dhugi and his wonderful wife Suzi, play as they always do for the moon show and this year kitted out with Christmas sweaters, albeit it was bloody hot this year.

 photo 056_zpssccpykqc.jpg

 photo 057_zpshileudxz.jpg
 photo 058_zpscwe88hcq.jpg

But their set was pretty cool and they rocked the event as they usually do, we made sure to stop and chin wag as these are the best events for an annual social gathering for us.

Next band was my mate Big Dan and he plays in the Dynotones, an awesome 60’s Surf Guitar combo and boy do they rock, loved every song and hope to book them for my annual party in march 2016.

 photo 085_zpsz6zhth3l.jpg

 photo 085_zpsz6zhth3l.jpg

We grabbed some food and hung out with some good people, I spoke to some mates I hae not seen in years, like Dean from Dice Magazine etc and Dennis Roth was in his element having fun with people in his Crazy Custom Flaked machine.

 photo 064_zpsxwopwp7r.jpg

 photo 067_zpsrlvnjtro.jpg

The sound of bands playing, and Gassers racing up the strip every few minutes is an awesome experience and one you should at least try Once, just to be able to truly understand what I am on about, it is a really cool show- busy but cool.

 photo 118_zpshnzkyv1h.jpg

So many cars to see, make sure you allocate a few hours just to observe these fantastic machines as we walked isle upon aisle and people were more than happy to tell you about their car and how it came about etc.

 photo 071_zpsaqxwzjfw.jpg

Now this Roadster you see is a show car, something many of you and I dream about, Jennifer asked the guy if it was his and with a smile on his face he said yes.
 photo 196_zpspgexly7p.jpg

I asked him about the 40 ford dash and he said it was a 40 ford dash but- he did not build the car, he won it in a raffle.

 photo 195_zpsa3ex7bwp.jpg

I was gobsmaked as i remember the Roadster being as a raffle car at Ventura a few years ago, he said he had watched the Roadster being built via instagram etc and he bought ONE $20 ticket, he went to the show but came home as it was his 32nd Birthday, the phone rang and he thought it may be one of his buddies wishing him all the best, but infact it was ventura asking him if he had abought a raffle ticket for the car. He said yes and then she said, well you have won it!!

 photo 197_zpssmdlkglc.jpg

 photo 199_zpst9lwcbya.jpg

Jeez, for $20 a $40,000 Built Roadster, they even had the builder drive it to his house and he drives it every weekend, lucky man, I always hear about raffles and never believe they are legit and you never see the winner, but this was the real deal and for $20 he won that awesome machine.

Jenn informs me she is doing Raffles from now on and, I tend to agree with her it seems like it may just be worth the chance, but such a great story on that Roadster.

Mooneyes always brings over their super cool pinstripers from Japan and they turn out some super cool work quickly.

 photo 060_zpstqvbzstu.jpg

A great event and so much to see, make sure you get here early to be able to take it all in.

 photo 062_zpsrchmizha.jpg

Another Pinstriper is Hot Rod, he has been doing this for many many years.

 photo 072_zpswxos8z2r.jpg

This Blue 29 Roadster was pretty cool parked up and sun bathing.

 photo 074_zpsu7xw9svr.jpg

I loved this tough 55 Gasser in Candy Paint, sure sounded menacing too.
 photo 075_zpsd2ntkwm0.jpg

This mid 60’s Ranchero was so bang on the money for styling .

 photo 076_zpsfiwhzlwu.jpg

Legends in the Hot Rod Art world, Robert and Suzy Williams were in attendance too.

 photo 083_zpsnax6ijco.jpg

Here is my mate GO hat works at Mooneyes and is a super nice fella.

 photo 090_zpsnfp1raba.jpg

Organ pipes on this roadster sounded like a broken fan in a fridge.
 photo 091_zpsoas1xayo.jpg

29 roadster pick up but too low to pick anything up.

 photo 091_zpsoas1xayo.jpg

This green T was pretty cool.

 photo 094_zpsx7q5z2tr.jpg

Another channeled Roadster sits on the deck.

 photo 094_zpsx7q5z2tr.jpg

Now, I would drive this home no problem.

 photo 098_zpsbwiovtzb.jpg

A nice sprinkling of Roadsters were here this year.

 photo 100_zpsj4zmzfnd.jpg

A few Custom Low riders too, a lot of masking to do this.

 photo 103_zpsoyrce6nv.jpg

Like I said, there are all sorts f machines here, enough for everyone’s taste.

 photo 104_zps3t6zisez.jpg

Well, it is the Christmas show.

 photo 105_zpsu84qhgti.jpg

Now this is what I am talking about, I love the straight Axle Gassers.

 photo 106_zpsh8yycuyp.jpg

This was a sweet 58 I would love to own.

 photo 107_zps959epukb.jpg

Amazing, as I live in SoCal, youd think you seen all the rides and then you come to Mooneyes show and loads of cool stuff not seen before.

 photo 110_zps6i4ifzqf.jpg

Plenty of Chevys thats for sure.

 photo 111_zpsnouakhnp.jpg

I dug this pick up, would be a fun parts ride.

 photo 112_zpsp8bnofai.jpg

This was pretty cool to see and I am sure he has fun with it with that Motor.

 photo 113_zpsjabqjazl.jpg

Even the Old Bill were cool.

 photo 114_zpsc5eoeegv.jpg

Loved this Kustom Pontiac.

 photo 115_zpskrajulje.jpg
Nice color scheme I thought.

 photo 116_zpsn0jswrdl.jpg

Always great to see some classic Tin here.

 photo 117_zps9w0xbzg8.jpg

Frenched Lights and a floating grill was cool.

 photo 120_zpspmwe5tjy.jpg

These are Custom from right out of the show room.

 photo 124_zps9iogjltc.jpg

How can you not like this Lincoln front end.
 photo 125_zpsdofi8x3k.jpg

Always loved these and the body goes on for miles.

 photo 126_zpsfyo1a4j8.jpg
 photo 127_zpsadishw3d.jpg

Now this is right on the deck.

 photo 127_zpsadishw3d.jpg

Rather odd choice of color but it works.

 photo 129_zpsatjbfcjq.jpg

Loved this 57 Belair as a gasser, the best years for me for gassers are the big straight axled heavy Bricks.

 photo 131_zpstpeihsnk.jpg

Slammed Custom Roadster for the use of a better word.

 photo 132_zps8ho7tmwh.jpg

Three hungry birds.

 photo 138_zpslkv7uud4.jpg

I loved the artwork on the trucks door.

 photo 139_zpsrew09jbb.jpg

How clean is this and I love the color.

 photo 140_zpswhazsxto.jpg

This sedan sat really well.

 photo 141_zpsfe7w0m27.jpg

The sun was out and so were the Hot Rods this weekend.

 photo 142_zpsrmsehkei.jpg

A cool 56 Gasser awaits its turn before going up on the 1/8th mile.

 photo 146_zpspyoqccpv.jpg

This 1948 Rag top was cool as hell and loved the color.

 photo 149_zps0e56q3vz.jpg

A couple of car club guys shooting the breeze.

 photo 150_zpslerboxrm.jpg

Off the the strip to tear it up.

 photo 153_zpscajoc3vk.jpg

This Caddy is pretty straight bodywork wise.

 photo 157_zpsf1elzzyi.jpg

A Candy red 58 Pick up look good basking in the Sun.

 photo 158_zps2hoyj4bk.jpg

Now that’s a lot of work.
 photo 159_zps0xbsxvke.jpg

How straight is this and love that color.

 photo 160_zpsn9gef6qf.jpg

Some intricate masking here to get this effect.

 photo 161_zpsjiqgmlxg.jpg

I think this is Keith Weesners 5 window and boy is it nice.

 photo 167_zpshinzphhh.jpg

Suicide doors on this Bow Tie.

 photo 168_zpseyykdjdh.jpg

Whats going on here, his own Smoker?
 photo 171_zps7dmuysrg.jpg

Clean, low and bell flowers too.

 photo 172_zpsjlqq7ekl.jpg

Nice 56 for belting around town in.

 photo 172_zpsjlqq7ekl.jpg

So clean.
 photo 177_zpsehwvg2kg.jpg

Jeez, that push bike must weigh a ton?

 photo 178_zpsprqvuqvg.jpg

Yep. that will give it some giddy up.
 photo 179_zpsk9yqivwv.jpg

Thats one way of making sure the hood closes on that Caddy.

 photo 180_zpsculglgou.jpg

More random shots for you lot.
 photo 182_zpsmhdtwfec.jpg

I am way digging that color.

 photo 183_zpso9ygighu.jpg photo 184_zps2mhgggfb.jpg photo 185_zpshxi3z8ps.jpg

Matt from Australia’s ride that he painted himself.

 photo 187_zpscligrlww.jpg

Plenty of GM rides here.

 photo 188_zpsjclmitlv.jpg

Different and nice to see from the Norm.

 photo 191_zps2ykqeeqi.jpg

Hanging in some shade on this hot day in December.

 photo 192_zpsnh8fwtu5.jpg

Plenty of flake in this design, so many hours.

 photo 193_zpspu3wxc15.jpg

This is one tough looking 58.

 photo 200_zpsymzlolnd.jpg

Plenty to see today.



Steve Carpenter

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