Always fun doing things with Motorcycles and Hot Rods

I have always been interested in Motorcycles and Hot Rods, I had a 3 window Coupe in the UK back in the 1980’s and loved anything that was related to Post WW2 ie Planes, Wooden Chris Craft Boats or Fighter planes of the day etc.

So Motorcycles and Hot Rods go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches or Tea and Biscuits, but I have been so blessed to have been invited to many shows and events and have been a part of quite a few TV Commercials and interviews etc.  It is a fun time for me and I enjoy it all.

Thank you all for supporting me over these 19 years. its always a wild ride and who knows were it will take me next, I shall always be myself no matter what.




Steve Carpenter

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