HONDA 1978 SUPER SPORT Lives to fight another day, Resurrection from Dereliction.

Well, this was quite a test for me, when this bike turned up, nothing worked, you could hardly push the damn thing to get it to move, this was sat for almost 8 years in Asuza Canyon by the River, it was left to bake in the Sun, then the rain and wind got to it and the bike was covered in mud and oil.

Been a long time since I have a totally messed up Honda as bad as this one and it was quite a challenge to get this girl to be back on her on two wheels again.

But I took the job and needed to get this old inline Four back up and running once more, but I sure had my work cut out thats for sure.


Never give up is the Motto here and, although this is no show bike, it was gratifying to be able to get to ride it a few miles today and make sure all is well, the top end rattles a lot but its adjusted, just bad maintenance in the years before, but- saying that- the Motor pulls hard and No smoke, thats why I love these inline Four motors, they are so strong.

I still want to put a few more miles on it as I have 10 miles so far, all the gears work fine and the clutch, signals function now as well as a horn and lights, so a quick check of oil level, chain tension and go round all the bolts and re-tighten, then I shall be happy to cal the customer to come and pick the bike up. I Ceramic Coated the exhaust and then used titanium heat Wrap to give it a more Rugged look, , but dont panic when you first fit heat wrap, as when you first get the exhaust hot, the wrap will smoke until its cured, like bacon in an oven LOL!

The headers do not smoke any more after 10 miles, but wanted to show you what the smoke looks like, that way you dont worry about yours and rush to gab a fire extinguisher.

Just goes to show that if you are persistent, then good things can happen, this was no easy task I tell you, the rear brake was totally seized, the master cylinders that are good are really hard toi find, I fitted new piston and seals to it and was glad to get it to function once more.

The fronts were frozen and they took a long time to get to work right, albeit a New master cylinder was needed for that, but now works well, it now has a Halogen headlamp with LED turn signals inside, lower handlebars and a comfortable Brat style seat that the Customer requested.

Sits well as it is lower at the rear just a tad, the seat I made from scratch and is comfortable with high density memory foam and of course you can carry two people as well.

I think the old man above gave me a little help as for some reason the neighbors could hear me shouting his name at the top of my voice. LOL!

So one more saved from the junk pile and hopefully if the guy keeps his routine maintenance, this will see many miles of smiles.

Thanks for reading the Blogs and following what I am up to, its great hearing from you all.

If I can help you can always email me on or if you want to you can text me on 714-598-8392 Have a great day you lot and have fun with what you do.



Steve Carpenter

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